Program Objectives

At the end of this program students should be able to:

  1. Describe and apply relevant procurement and supply chain management techniques in achieving organisational decisions;
  2. Develop and organize procurement strategies, policies, procedural manuals related to procurement and supply chain management;
  3. Evaluate the performance of the supply chain management department within the organization and bench mark with other departments outside the organization;
  4. To be employed and work as materials managers, procurement officers, transport managers, storehouse and warehousing managers; and
  5. To work in different economic sectors; extractive (mining, fishery and agriculture), constructive (manufacturing, building and processing industries) and service rendering industries (banks, hospitals, schools and retail services), and in the public and private sectors.

 Program Structure

Semester I Semester II Semester III
BUS 5021: Strategic Business Management LOG 5012: Strategic Procurement & Supply Chain Management Dissertation
ACC 5631: Procurement and Contracts Management LOG 5652: Inventory and Stores Management System Dissertation
LOG 5611: Procurement Theory and Systems LOG 5652: e-Procurement & e-Supply Chain Management Dissertation
LOG 5621: National & International Logistic BUS 5032: Business Research Methods Dissertation
POM 5011: Banking Management ELECTIVE Dissertation


BUS 5062: Services Marketing
PUB 5012: Organizational Behavior and human Resources Management
ACC 5111: Finance for Managers



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February 2016