Mzumbe University Research Policy


The Mzumbe university charter of 2006 provides the university with broad mandate to initiate and conduct research for development purposes. This is in line with the mission of university, that is, to provide opportunities for training, conduct research, and provide consultancy services in management, public administration, business administration, local government administration, economic planning, accountancy and the administration of justice.

Mzumbe University is bequeathed with highly trained human capital in the specialty of public, business and local government administration, as well as economic planning, accountancy and the administration of justice. It also enjoys the privilege of having three campus colleges geographically well located, that is Mzumbe university- Dar es Salaam Campus College, Mzumbe university - Mbeya Campus College and the main campus in Morogoro which enable to smoothen research activities.

1.2 Research and National Development

The policy recognizes research as an important tool in advancing and refining knowledge and skills in providing solutions to problems facing the society in the country and internationally.

In recognition of various national development strategies, the Mzumbe University as one of government institutions is obliged to address the problems facing the country and find solutions or give recommendations through evidences attained from research findings.

In its widest sense research is the basis for development of any society. If society lacks the indigenous capacity for research or the capacity to manage technological change, it may become totally dependent on the outside world for its own development. Experience shows that no country has attained any meaningful breakthrough in socio-economic development without developing a capacity for research. Also, experience shows that knowledge developed in a local context is more relevant for policy making than that developed elsewhere.

The National Science and Technology Master Plan (2003 – 2018) recognizes the strategic importance of research by stating that national research agenda should focus on the eradication of poverty. It is strategically emphasized that research agenda of various national institutions should be consistent with the national research agenda.

1.2.2 Research, teaching and consultancy

Research is concerned with producing new knowledge and critical testing of existing knowledge while teaching is one of the major ways through which research findings are disseminated. Most teaching relates to research that has been carried out in the past and is contained in articles in journals, research reports, textbooks and manuals. When research and teaching take place within the same institution, and to some degree by the same people, there may be more direct and immediate gains to both sides. For mutual support, therefore, research and teaching should be planned and carried out as integrated elements in a joint institutional strategy.

Research also provides grounds for expertise in consultancy services. Most major consultancies require research based solutions, thus, for efficiency and effectiveness of consultancy services to clients, research is a tool of paramount importance.


The Mzumbe university research policy shall be aligned with the university mission and vision; shall correspond with goals, objectives and targets of the university strategic plan.

2.1 Research Policy Goal

The ultimate research goal is to generate knowledge, test existing theories and practices in view of making a contribution to the socio-economic development of Tanzania and advance the frontiers of knowledge worldwide.

2.2 Research policy objectives

The central objective of the proposed research policy is to provide guidance in conducting research that generate new knowledge in the field of business and social sciences, public administration, information and communication technology. The main focus of the research shall be to resolve social economic problems and challenges facing the country and the universe as a whole.

Towards achieving the goal, the following are the specific Research Policy Objectives:-
To enhance the other University functions of teaching and consultancy.
To contribute to national development priorities.
To enhance University and faculty capacity for planning, budgeting and undertaking systematic research.
To create University framework favourable for attracting research funds from national and international sources including commissioned research.
To enhance University capacity for research output dissemination.
To create a stable internal research support system in terms of research infrastructure, operational policies and incentives.
To cultivate research ethics in the University.
To create an effective research monitoring and evaluation system.
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Mzumbe University Publication Policy


1.1 Background
The Mzumbe University (MU) mission statement reflects an institutional commitment to promote learning through effective undergraduate and graduate teaching, scholarship, and research in service to the local, national, and the global communities. In support of this mission, the university is anchored on three functions of conducting training, research and consultancy in public and private management in the areas of business, law, education, and economics. Publication activity is a major avenue for disseminating Mzumbe University scholarly works.
Since the dissemination of knowledge is one of the primary functions of the University, the results of scholarly works shall be freely published or otherwise promptly disseminated. Publication can take a number of forms and occur in a variety of media, both in hard print and electronic form, including academic journals, books, manuals, conference proceedings, websites, and public discussions.
The Mzumbe University Publication Policy will guide all publication activities of the University under the coordination and control of the Directorate of Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies (DRPS).

1.2 Policy Context and Rationale
The world has evolved to the age of science and technology amazingly global spanning aspects that have taken hold so quickly, which pose great challenges to the global community. The economic potential; is now increasingly linked to the ability to manipulate and control information.
The university is currently striving to address issues of quality assurance and capacity building. From this fact, the university recognizes that publications, as one of the main output of scholarly works are a key asset. As such they should be managed in a way to ensure that they provide maximum value both to individual members of the academic community, whose output they represent, and collectively to the institution.
Correspondingly, there are also increasing avenues for publications including the internet and web based materials, various journals and books. In the process, there arise issues of quality, coordination, funding, and dissemination of these publications. Their origin also becomes a question of concern. Thus, the need for coordination and scrutiny to ensure maintenance of publication quality and standards becomes very central.

The Mzumbe University Policy on Publication shall be in line with Mzumbe University mission and vision; and shall be complementary towards achieving the set goals, objectives and targets in the University Strategic Plan.
2.1 Policy Goal
The key goal of the Publication Policy is to maximise the impact of the University's scholarly works by making publications widely available through the University's institutional repository.
2.2 Policy Objectives
The main objective of the Mzumbe University Publication Policy is to coordinate, control, and standardize publication aspects across the university. The policy is intended to serve both internal and external stakeholders.
Towards achieving the goal, the following are the specific objectives:

To increase the visibility of publications produced by Mzumbe University staff and other stakeholders
To ensure that publication outputs are prepared and curated in a way which helps maximise the value that they have for internal and external use
To disseminate knowledge and information on research output, training activities, and consulting experiences
To facilitate publication and printing of books, chapters in books, teaching manuals, articles in journals, technical reports and other documents for academic and other purposes
To support promotion and marketing of Mzumbe University programmes and publication activities
To standardize and harmonize the quality of publications

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